​​​Farahnaz Samari 

Farahnaz Samari, pursued studying Radiology after high school years despite her significant interest in Arts and especially, in painting. It was only after graduation as a Radiology Technician, when she realized that this is absolutely not the career she wants to pursue for the rest of her life, and definitely not to enjoy even a moment of it. So she made a serious decision, and merged into the one and only profession that she always dreamt of. She draw her first Oil on Canvas painting, which was immediately sold, and this success encouraged her to further her knowledge in this field. In 2004, she graduated from Tehran University Faculty of Fine Arts, in the fields of Arts and Interior Design. Since then, she has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Iran. After immigrating to Canada, the undeniable effect of living in Vancouver, made a huge impact on her style, and she became more and more interested in painting Impressionist, abstract landscapes, using Oil and Acrylic mediums. As she says: “Despite all the difficulties and pressures of the early years of immigration, pursuing Arts helped me tolerate everything, and was always a way to put aside the stresses and to reach a necessary peace of mind. Being so close to the beauty of nature strengthened my beliefs.” Taking her artistic activities in Vancouver very seriously, quickly resulted in participation in several exhibitions, selling a significant amount of Artworks and being introduced as a successful artist in local publications. 
She is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and a member of Canadian Chinese Cultural Development of Arts Association. She has participated 3 times in Art Battle Canada and she is a winner of the Season 6 of the Battle of the Brush in 2016. Beside her artistic activities, she has also graduated from Advanced Painting courses at Emily Carr University. All her artworks are original, imaginative and thought provoking, and she never uses any images or photos when creating her artworks. She believes herself to be extremely lucky to be born with such a pure love for Arts and to be able to share her passion using brush, color and canvas. In February 2017, Farahnaz became the winner of the Grand Finale of the Canada Golden Brush live painting competition, Battle of the Brush, at the Heritage Hall in Vancouver.
Her Artworks are held in many private collections in North America, Iran and Europe.